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At Premier Dairies we have been serving Dublin with the finest quality milk since 1966. Today, we also proudly export Premier milk to markets across the world.

Every drop of our milk is quality tested – to ensure you can enjoy the great taste of Premier Milk every time.

The History of Premier Milkmen

Premier Dairies Milk Cartons

Not only have we been producing Dublin’s milk since 1966, but we have been delivering milk to doorsteps across the city since 1966.

Believe it or not, milk was delivered by horse and cart until the 1960s. People would have heard the clip clop of the horse, and even know the horse by name.

Milk Cart
Milk Float

Premier doorstep deliveries got a lot quieter with the introduction of the newest technology milk floats. Electric, and designed specifically for dairy deliveries, their top speed was a white-knuckle 25 miles an hour.

The only places you’ll find a milk float today is in the National Transport Museum and Irish Agricultural Museum.

Premier milk is still delivered to doorsteps across Dublin, in rain, hail or shine by Milkmen – our local heroes.

Padraig O'Scanaill, Premier Farmer Swords, Co Dublin

Padraig O'Scanaill Old Photo

Dairy farming has been in Padraig's family for generations. It all started in the 1920’s with Padraig's Great Grandmother, who delivered milk by horse and cart to local residents in Swords. The family tradition was then passed on to his Grandmother and remains in the family to this day.

In 1982, Padraig followed in the family tradition by becoming one of our dairy farmers.

Today Padraig’s herd of cows roam across his fields in North County Dublin, ensuring you get the best from every glass of Premier Milk.

Padraig O'Scanaill and Cow

International Exports

Our high quality UHT milk is exported to markets across the world.

That’s because at Premier Dairies we take great care to help you get the best milk. All our milk is sourced and packed in Ireland – a small island on the edge of Europe, renowned for its high quality and safe dairy produce.

International Map

Nutirional Information

Pure Milk UHT Nutritional Information

Average Values per 100ml Energy 269kJ / 64kcal Fat 3.5g Carbohydrate 4.7g Protein 3.3g Sodium <0.1g Calcium 118mg (15%RI) RI = Reference Intake

Low Fat Milk UHT Nutritional Information

Average Values per 100ml Energy 205kJ / 49kcal Fat 1.5g Carbohydrate 4.8g Protein 3.4g Sodium <0.1g Calcium 120mg (15%RI) RI = Reference Intake

Country of Origin: Ireland

Cow - Moo Moo Produced and packed only in Ireland - Europe